Ebbe Stub Wittrup – Stolen Fire @ Martin Asbæk Gallery

Martin Asbæk Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Stolen Fire by Ebbe Stub Wittrup. Through sculptural elements, modified readymades, photographs and films, the Danish artist brings historical traces, myths and materialities to the spotlight for scrutiny and renegotiation.

By placing these objects in a new context, Ebbe Stub Wittrup puts concepts such as ownership, origin, and translation in a new perspective, while offering the viewer the opportunity to reflect on the original meaning of the materials and forms.

The more hands, media, and materials a cultural phenomenon travels through, the more meanings are embedded along the way, and each materialization becomes a gesture that points backwards. The works of art may not come closer to the “truth”, instead they offer a different angle or complementary hint that is able to embody feelings, ideas, and experiences.

Ebbe Stub Wittrup

Born 1973 in Aarhus.

Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Ebbe Stub Wittrup graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1999, and in 2010 he received the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year work grant.

In 2013-2019, Ebbe Stub Wittrup taught media art at the Jutland Art Academy.

In his artistic practice, Wittrup works conceptually within a wide variety of media. Since the end of the 1990s, Ebbe Stub Wittrup’s practice has focused on especially the photographic medium.

Many of Wittrup’s works can be described as either neorealistic snapshots or as conceptual photography, both characterized by a mysteriousness and by themes such as mythology and perception. The photographic works are often combined with other types of media such as video, text or objects.