We are not a gallery

                                                                              We are not a designhouse

                            We are something completely different


UR Perspective



  Another experience

                      Another approach

          Another standard



The story

UR Contemporary Art & Interior is part of Nordic ArtBank A/S, established in 2017.

The mission is to create a space that breaks with the traditional norms for exhibiting art and design, within the art and interior industry.

A space that inspires and provides experiences beyond the expected, and where high-end design and art meet in an explosive interaction.

Under the UR banner, we exclusively present the next generation of scandinavian interior and design.

... the three legs of UR


                  UR is the exclusive dealer in Denmark of

                  Overgaard & Dyrman and Eikund

           Private sessions

                     Under the concept of “by invitation only”,
                     we host a string of different events,
                     exhibitions, talks, networking nights etc.



                  Insight lab

                              An “executive exclusive” concept, where top business managers,                                                                                     politicians, architects, designers and tastemakers are enriched                                                                                       with professionally relevant insight in  a developing forum.



A space for creative primal power, high-end art and design, are driven by the purest creative clockwork. It must be seen, heard, experienced and felt.

Creating a scene and a setting, where art and design get completely under the skin of the spectator. Creating