Vi arbejder med få eksklusive brands, hvor fokus er på at styrke deres identitet samtidig med, at de præsenteres i tæt samspil med hinanden.

Exclusive Partner Brands

Overgaard & Dyrman

Crafting A Legacy Of Quality

Explore the full collection from Overgaard & Dyrman at UR

Exclusive Partner Brands


We collect stories. Pieces of forgotten history. Pieced together once again.

Explore the classic Norwegain design of Eikund, at UR.

Exclusive Partner Brands

RUBN Lighting

We design and produce unique, bespoke and exclusive lighting for extraordinary Interiors around the world.

Explore the aesthetics of Rubn.

Exclusive Partner Brands


Uncompromising design and visionary functionality.

Explore the world of Anour at UR.

UR Collection

UR Collection

A collection of exclusive pieces, made by hand-picked designers.

Challenging the traditional way of thinking, and creating new and exciting pieces, made with the purpose to inspire and further creativity.