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DIVAR blends sleek design and flexibility. The angle of light can be adjusted to suit your personal style of lighting. This wall lamp, available in different materials, provides a beautiful and adjustable backlight.


Brushed Brass | Polished Brass | Brushed Copper | Polished Copper | Browned Copper | Oxidized Copper | Carrara Marble | Rusted Steel | Blued Steel | Stainless Steel | Light Opal Chrome | Dark Opal Chrome


50 cm | 100 cm | 150 cm | 200 cm | 250 cm | 300 cm | custom size


From 4.799 DKK (ex. VAT)

The core design principle is to create bespoke handcrafted lighting that can withstand the time test and only become more beautiful with the years. ⁠With ANOUR it’s all about the bespoke craftsmanship and attention to details.

Simplicity is about eliminating the noise, to get to the essence. Visual, aesthetic and lasting values, with a simplicity achieved through a complex process of design and analysis. Made in Denmark, ANOUR stands for the highest level of craftsmanship and continuing in the footsteps of Danish design traditions. Each piece is made with a focus on sustainability in design, production and technology. Individually tailored for each customer

Anour lamps are individually surface treated, resulting in a finely structured surface. The lamp is produced in Denmark and can be made to custom size on request.


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