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Jaer bar stool

Jaer is a true mid-20th century design, but this is the first time it goes into serial production. Sigurd Resell designed Jaer while working for the pioneering interior design company Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor in Oslo. The barstool consists of mostly solid wood, only to be contrasted by the brass ferrules at the bottom of the feet. The overall design makes the barstool classic and modern, a perfect choice for residential homes, professional workspaces, cafes and restaurants.

Designed by Sigurd Resell in 1959.


Oak [soap] | Oak [oil / white oil / black lacquer] | Walnut [oil]

It’s possible to order other surface finishes and upholstery for projects.


Height: 680 mm | 760 mm

Diameter: ø 447 mm | ø 426 mm


From 7.443 DKK (ex. VAT)

Sigurd Resell was one of the country’s most formidable furniture designers in the 1950s and 60s. What characterizes his furniture more than anything is an elegant and logical construction. While mostly designing furniture in a moderately traditional style, he later also developed a number of models in a more modern, international design language. He received nine different awards at various competitions and exhibitions at home and abroad.

He graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1947. Resell then began working for Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor, where he stayed until 1968, with a brief intermission from ’53 to ’56, creating some of the era’s most formative furniture.

The dining table Øya is a great example of his design talent, an elliptical shaped table in solid wood designed many years before his competitors.


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