Overgaard & Dyrman – Wire Dining Chair



Wire Dining Chair

Inspired by the dramatic aesthetic contrast between two very different materials– structural steel and premium quality, aniline-dyed leather–the Wire Collection combines two traditional forms of highly detailed, skilled craftsmanship: saddle-making and precision metalwork.

Designed by Christian Dyrman & Jasper Overgaard in 2014.


Metal Frame: Matte Black Steel | Satin Chrome Steel

Leather: Elegance | Matstone | Yellowstone | Horizon


Low + High


Lenght: 620 mm

Width: 570 mm

Height: 760 mm Low | 790 mm High

Height Seat: 430 mm Low | 460 mm High


From 27.160 DKK (ex. VAT)

Each piece in Wire Collection has been designed with an emphasis on aesthetic and structural balance. The result is an innovative collection of furniture that combines organic forms with timeless materials, everyday functionality, and ergonomic comfort.

Continuing in this tradition, the inspiration for our Circle Chair, which was launched in, was guided by the graceful arcs and inviting curves of the circle’s elegant simplicity.

Custom fixtures, jigs, and tools have been created to craft each individual piece of steel featured in the Wire Collection. These custom tools, combined with modern CNC technology, allow us to bend and shape metal wires into highly detailed 3D forms. The result of this unique method of construction is a level of durability that satisfies the unique demands of this furniture collection – All pieces in the Wire Collection are made to order by skilled craftsmen and women in Denmark.


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