RUBN – Long John Pendant

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Long John Pendant

A well-deserved reputation for going the distance, Long John has no peers. The leather and metal architecture combines with un-matched articulation and flexibility, putting everyone else in their seats.


Black/Brass | White/Brass | Brass | Steel | White/Steel | Black | Black/Bronze Colored | Black/Steel


3 Spots

4 Spots

5 Spots

6 Spots

7 Spots

Suspension: Brown Leather | Nature Leather | Black Leather


Length: 1000 mm | 1400 mm | 1800 mm | 2200 mm | 2600 mm


From 7.300 DKK

At Rubn, one purpose drives us; making the worlds best lighting, without compromise. 

Rubn was founded in 2010 by designer Niclas Hoflin. Today it is a family business that with the greatest attention to precision, detail and material manufactures lamps to last for a lifetime. All lamps are handcrafted in our 8000 sqm architectural brick building factory, located in Vittsjö, Sweden.
We have over 60 years of experience from making lamps in various materials. We build for grand interiors and everyday living, public and private spaces. 

Rubns mission is to give the customer the joy of experiencing harmony between material, design and functionality.

We honor aesthetics, durability, function and quality. Design shall be crafted to last. It has to persist time both in expression, processing and use of materials. To achieve that we go through perfected simplicity; both in the lines that are drawn and in our choice of materials. Welcome, and enjoy the Rubn experience.


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