UR Collection – MAOL Rock Table

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MAOL Rock Table

A contemporary piece of design inspired by the exquisite contrast between the metal frame, wooden top and the voluminous stone end. Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, are the main traits of this masterfully orchestrated design, perfectly suitable for meetings, dinners or large gatherings.

Can be customized according to desired individual specifications and materials.

Designed by Marcus Linnet in 2022.


Wooden Top: Walnut | Elm | Ash | Beech | Maple

Frame: Raw Steel | Bronze | Browned Bronze | Brass | Browned Brass | Copper | Browned Copper

Stone End: Marble | Granite | Quartzite


Lenght: From 285 cm

Width: 90 – 110 cm

Height: 75 cm 



From 112.000 DKK (ex. VAT)



A brand new series of designs in collaboration with a new wave of creators and thinkers. UR Collection is about presenting and developing new and exclusive pieces, in collaboration with hand-picked designers. Challenging the traditional way of thinking, and creating new and exciting pieces, made with the purpose to inspire and further creativity.

A concept of new thinking, by new thinkers.

Speaking to the creative side of the soul, sparking curiosity and encouraging creativity. Exclusive pieces that are designed to make us feel. Feel the things we surround ourselves with. Feel the passion and dedication put into the process of creation.


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